Valve Adjustment (C223)

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Valve Adjustment (C223)

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The following procedure is taken from a post by Jerry. I know, it's not in his writing style...I ran it through Microsoft Word and spell checked it, numbered it, took out the shorthand ("vlvs" became "valves") etc. But it should be the same set of steps, and if you're curious, it was taken from "setting my valves".

Thanks, Jerry!
JLEMOND wrote:Timing must be done on a cold engine. Adjust the valves to whatever the specs are on the hood label, and adjust them with a slight pull on the feeler gauge.

  1. Turn the crankshaft until the TDC mark on the dampener ring is lined up with the pointer on the front cover. As you turn the crankshaft there are 2 marks on the edge of the pulley. The first one that comes up is the timing mark, so use the one to the left. This will put the engine on TDC on #4 or TDC on #1 (it doesn’t matter). If your valves are all out of adjustment and you cannot determine which cylinder is on compression, turn the crankshaft until the #1 cylinder valves are both completely closed.
  2. Adjust cylinder #1 intake valve and the exhaust valve.
  3. Adjust cylinder #2 intake only.
  4. Adjust cylinder #3 and adjust the exhaust valve.
  5. Now rotate the crank one full turn and bring it back up to TDC on the lower mark. Adjust cylinder #4 intake and exhaust.
  6. Adjust cylinder #3 intake valve.
  7. Adjust cylinder #2 exhaust valve and you are done.

Regarding the proper gap:
StevePT wrote:0.40mm or 0.016inch