Diesel Starter Contact replacement

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Diesel Starter Contact replacement

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Some of us who have owned a diesel for some time have, or soon will have, the typical problem of the starter "clicking" as you turn the key to START. Multiple tries may eventually get the starter to turn over. Such was the case with my son's LUV diesel a few years ago. He chose to just replace the starter, but before we turned in the core, I removed the solenoid plunger and the contacts. I had made a McGiver contact for his truck with a piece of copper tubing before he decided to get a new starter.

Yesterday, my truck (with 295,000 on it) started doing the "click, click" then start. I decided today was the right time to remove the starter and replace the burned contact. I was convinced this was the problem, and I was right.

I took a few pictures with my camera phone. I am sorry for the poor quality, but I think you'll get the picture. (No pun intended) LOL My wife found out that my phone camera settings were wrong... :oops:
If you click on the pictures, they will enlarge. Then you will be able to read some notes I added to the pictures themselves using MS Paint.









I hope this helps someone in the future.


http://www.nationsautoelectric.com/index.html This is Nations website address.
Motor contact-OSGR Starters
66-82756 PRICE- 5.95 each
Battery contact-66-82758 PRICE- 6.95
They list 2 contact plunger assy's-66-82600 PRICE- 16.95
66-82603 PRICE- 16.95
Denso Repair Kit Includes Plunger & Contact Kit for just 26.95 for ALL
VEHICLES equipped with a nippondenso g/r starter
They also have a kit with heavy duty contacts for a little more they ask you to call or e.mail with vehicle application for the kits.
Our part number for the starter is Nippondenso 028000-779 it's listed as a 2.0 kW OSGR , they sell them new for $149.95

Jerry Lemond, or even your local starter repair shop might carry new contacts. If you feel creative, you can make your own!
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